Make a Difference, Become a Volunteer

Ski Patrol Open House and Ski Test

March 10th or March 11th 2018
9 a.m. in the "A" frame building, (next to Crest lift)
Meet on the main floor.  Yes, there is a cost -- a $30 Day Pass

Thank you for your interest in the National Ski Patrol at Brighton Resort! The Brighton Patrol is a challenging and rewarding endeavor that can truly make a difference. It combines a love for the outdoors, skiing, helping others, pride in a job well done, and making long-lasting friendships.

Candidates must demonstrate the patroller mind-set consisting of such attitudes as a strong work ethic, compassion, camaraderie, commitment to individual patients and to the patrol, assumption of the roles and responsibilities of a patroller, and teamwork. We require an attitude that combines a positive outlook, a willingness to work, and a desire to help others.

If you fit this description, can emulate these behaviors, and want to take the steps and commitment necessary to become a Volunteer Patroller, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Chad D'Alessandro @ (801) 550-4680.

Open House
At the Open House you spend a day skiing with the patrol. The training staff will inform you if your skiing or boarding skills are at a level to continue the process of becoming a patroller, or if you need more practice. You must be at least 17 years old.

Orientation Days
If your skiing or boarding level meets the expectation, you will be asked to come back for two (2) Orientation Days the following weekend: March 17th and 18th. During Orientation, you will shadow the patrol, beginning with morning meeting at 8:00 a.m. (same meeting location) and concluding after closing sweeps are "down and clear" for the day (usually around 4:45 p.m.).

Outdoor Emergency Care Training
The next step in the process is to complete the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) first aid course, which includes professional CPR, written first aid test, and a practical first aid test. Classroom and computer time covers approximately 12 weeks, which breaks down to two nights per week, 3-4 hours each class. The OEC class starts in August and runs through the middle of November. The course also includes professional CPR, written tests, midterm practical, comprehensive written final and practical skills test. The class concludes with three on-the-hill working classes at the beginning of the ski season.

Ski and Toboggan Training
Following OEC, you enter Ski and Toboggan training (S&T). This training happens at Brighton over the course of approximately 10 weeks, on Sundays only. At the conclusion of S&T, you will have a ski and toboggan practical evaluation.

Mentoring and Sign-Off
At this point, you sign up for patrol days of your choice, and once you've signed off certain mentoring milestones you are considered a full patroller! At the start of the following season you will be eligible for full benefits (see Perks and Requirements below).

Patrollers are:

People who have a desire to help people


People who love to Ski and Board

Perks and Requirements for Full-time Volunteer Patrollers

Required Number of Patrol Days per Season

   * 16-18 weekend days
   * 3-5 nights

Your Patrol Benefits

   * - Fulfillment of desire to help others
   * - Camaraderie with fellow skiers
   * - First response knowledge, ability and experience
   * - 1st year (Training year): Skiing privileges up to 3 times a week. Must be current on training!
   * - 2nd year and beyond: Season Pass
   * - Ski Pass (credits or family program)
      * - Credits (New details coming soon)
      * - Family Program (New details coming soon)
   * - Canyon UTA bus pass
   * - Discounts on ski lessons and ski rentals (for yourself and dependents)
   * - Discounts on food

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